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Current Issue

January-March 2022| Vol 27| Issue 1

Review Article

Evaluating nongovernmental organization–led community mobilizers in health promotion, immunization campaigns, and acute flaccid paralysis surveillance: a systematic review of the evidence

Community mobilization, partnership, and surveillance are regarded as key elements in various polio eradication activities. Several nongovernmental organizations have led community mobilizers (CMs) in...

Review Article

Ethical guidelines and regulations in conducting clinical research in children: A critical appraisal

Conducting clinical research in children poses significant challenges with regard to several ethical issues, such as informed consent and protection from harm. Notwithstanding, children need to partic...

Review Article

Deontology vs. utilitarianism: Understanding the basis for the moral theories in medicine

We live in a society that functions with a system of morals that seeks to determine what is right or wrong. Each society is ruled by moral codes that guide people’s action to minimize the risk o...

Original Article

Assessment of fertility behaviors among women of reproductive age in a rural community, northwest Nigeria

Background: High fertility is one of the primary determinants of rapid population growth, which can hinder socio-economic development. Age at first marriage is an important proximate determinan...

Original Article

Antibiotic use and resistance: Assessment of healthcare workers’ knowledge, attitude, and practice

Background: Multidrug resistant bacteria have become a major public health concern worldwide. Inappropriate and overuse of antibiotics are known promoters of antibiotic resistance. This study w...

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